Samuels und Bruening gruenden

Samuels and Brüning found the hotel property brokerage business QUIN Investment

Both hotel property consultants left Christie & Co. at the end of 2017 and are now acting as independent agents for hotel properties throughout Germany.
To this end, the two managing partners founded QUIN Real Estate Investment GmbH in Berlin in February 2018.

“After a total of 20 years of experience in the real estate sector and now 5 years of experience in the hotel investment sector, Stephan Brüning and I feel that the time has come to tread new paths and establish our own company,”explains Jebo Samuels.

QUIN Investment will specialise in the brokerage of hotel properties, leases and operations throughout Germany.

Brüning adds: “We will not be limiting ourselves to the city hotel business, because hotels in smaller towns and classic holiday hotels may well be of interest to operators and investors who are desperately looking for suitable hotel properties.”

QUIN Investment places particular emphasis on efficiency, transparency, clear communication and long-term customer relationships.

Given Brüning and Samuels’ previous experience, QUIN Investment will also be handling the sale of properties in other asset classes, such as residential and commercial properties.

We are focusing primarily on hotel properties, which will account for about 80% of our business. However, we deal with real estate investors on a daily basis whose share of hotel properties is often only 5-10% of their portfolio. Here we will assist our clients by making targeted use of synergies in other asset classes.”

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