Our mission

In the course of our careers, we have met numerous clients and business partners with whom we have been able to share many positive experiences and conclude many positive deals.
In all areas of the real estate industry there are, however, the notorious “black sheep” with whom we have also had our dealings.

With QUIN Investment we have set out to offer professional services with absolute transparency and clarity. We will communicate our views to you openly, realistically and fairly, even though this can sometimes be difficult for you to hear.

Over the years, we have both found our own compass to guide us successfully and seriously through the real estate market.

As private individuals and managing directors of QUIN Investment, we adhere to the following guiding principles:

  • seriousness
  • competence
  • light-heartedness
  • straightforwardness
  • high quality of services
  • transparency
  • clarity
  • trust
  • passion
  • enjoyment of the job
  • stability / endurance
  • constancy, even in difficult situations
  • simplicity

In our opinion, this is, and always has been, the only way to establish a sustainable and cooperative relationship with you.

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